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April marks the beginning of spring and the final quarter of study for the 2012-2013 school year.  Students currently enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, as well as many International Baccalaureate students, have recently completed the registration process for AP examinations that are administered in May.  Since its inception in 1955, the AP Program has allowed millions of students in thousands of high schools worldwide to take college level courses and exams, and to earn college credit or placement while still in high school.  
AP courses are an excellent addition to the college-bound student’s resume.  Regardless of the AP test score attained, colleges and universities continue to look at participation in AP courses and the academic rigor as an indicator of a potential student’s overall college readiness.
The AP Equivalency Chart listed to the right indicates the college credit or advanced standing that may be granted at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  For more information on AP testing at Smoky Hill High School, please contact the Post Grad Center at 720-886-5472.
This chart was prepared based on spring 2012 exams.  Credit awarded is subject to change based on CU – Boulder faculty review of spring 2013 exams.  There is no guarantee that all AP credit will apply to a specific degree program.  The Dean’s Office of each college and school makes the final determination on how AP credits apply toward degree requirements.  EBIO1210, 1220, 1230, and 1240
AP Equivalency Chart – University of Colorado Boulder
AP Subject Examination Title Exam. Score CU-Boulder Course Equivalent Semester Hours
Biology Biology 5,4 EBIO1210, 1220, 1230, and 1240 8
Chemistry** Chemistry 5 CHEM 1113, 1114, 1133, 1134 10
4 CHEM 1113 and 1114 5
Classics Latin Lit 5 CLAS 1024, 2114, 2124 12
4 CLAS 1024 and 2114 8
3 CLAS 1024 4
Computer Science* Comp Science A 5 CSCI 1300 4
Economics Economics: Micro 5,4 ECON 2010 4
Economics: Macro 5,4 ECON 2020 4
English English Language and Composition 5 WRTG 1250 3
4 WRTG 1150 3
English Literature and Composition 5,4 ENGL 1500 3
Environmental Science Enviro Science 5,4 ENVS 1000 4
Fine Arts Art History 5,4 ARTH 1300 and 1400 6
Foreign Language French Language 5 FREN 2110, 2120, and 3050 9
4 FREN 2110 and 2120 ​​6
​​3 FREN 2110 3
Japanese Language 5 JPNS 1020, 2110, and 2120 15
​​4 JPNS 1020 and 2110 10
​​​3 JPNS 1020 5
Spanish Language ​​5 SPAN 2110, 2120, and 3000 11
​​​4 SPAN 2110 and 2120 6
​​​​3 SPAN 2110 3
Geography Human Geography 5,4,3 GEOG 1992 3
Government US Government 5,4 PSCI 1101 ​​3
History U.S. History 5,4 HIST 1025 3
European History 5,4 HIST 1020 ​​3
World History 5,4 Determined by Department ​​3
Mathematics Calculus AB^^ 5,4 MATH 1300 5
Calculus BC^^ 5,4 MATH 1300 and 2300  10​​
Calculus BC 3 MATH 1300   5
 and AB subscore^^^ 5,4,3
Statistics^ 5,4 MATH 2510 3
Music Music Theory^ 5 MUSC 1101, 1111, 1121 and 1131 ​​6
4 MUSIC 1101 and 1121 3
Physics Physics B 5,4 PHYS 2010 and 2020 10​​
Physics C - Mechanics 5,4 PHYS 1110 4
Physics C - Electricity and Magnetism 5,4 PHYS 1120 4
Psychology Psychology 5,4 PSYC 1001 3
​ ​
* Engineering students: check with faculty advisers in major department. ​ ​

​ ​ ​** Engineering students: CHEM 1113/1114 fulfills departmental requirements in all areas.  CHEM 1133/1134 fulfills chemical engineering, chemical and biological engineering, environmental engineering, and computer science requirements.

^^ Specific credit awarded may depend on major.  Check with faculty advisor in major department.
^^^ Specific credit awarded may depend on major.  Check with faculty advisor in major department.  Students taking the Calculus BC exam automatically receive an AB subscore.
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